Leather & Copper Insoles

Leather insoles with pure copper for pain in your joints, arthritis or osteoarthritis.

They fit comfortably in your shoes and can be transferred to other shoes quickly and easily

Comfortable and will fit any type of shoe.

Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory and many people find that soles relieve their pain. They are effective for pains everywhere, also in the feet, ankles, knee and hip.

The soles are made to give a larger skin contact area that allows you to absorb up to 14 times more copper than a bracelet and makes them an ideal alternative to copper jewellery. The soles have three 99.9% 24 SWG pure copper discs shaped to the contours of your foot mounted on a pair of high quality leather soles, which also allows more movement than the solid heel type and gives an adjustment.

A natural remedy.

Available in a number of sizes.

Available Options:





Option 1 - Shoe Size 36

Option 2 - Shoe Size 37

Option 3 - Shoe Size 38

Option 4 -Shoe Size 39

Option 5 - Shoe Size 40

Option 6 - Shoe Size 41

Option 7 - Shoe Size 42

Option 8 - Shoe Size 43

Option 9 - Shoe Size 44

Option 10 - Shoe Size 45

Option 11 -Shoe Size 46


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