Henne: Shampoo & Colour Enhancing Mask

Auburn: Shampooing & Masque

Blond Dore: Shampooing & Masque

2 Henna products for your hair care:

  1. 1 Maintenance Shampoo 
  2. 1 Colour Enhancing Mask

The Henna colour enhancing masks are colouring hair care products that bring a nuanced and shiny appearance to the hair.  It can be applied to natural or coloured hair and is used as a colour mask to take care of your hair and “reawaken” its colour or play subtly on its natural colour.  It loads up the hair fibre in colour.

The Henna Maintenance Shampoo are gentle for the hair and scalp, enabling frequent use and specially adapted to coloured hair.  Impurities and deposits having built up on the hair and scalp are eliminated and your colour lasts for longer.

Simply use the shampoo suited to your hair colour or the neutral shampoo to wash your hair and then apply the matching hair colour mask.

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