Henne Shampoo

Henna Maintenance Shampoo

  • These shampoos are gentle for the hair and scalp, enabling frequent use and specially adapted to coloured hair. 
  • Impurities and deposits having built up on the hair and scalp are eliminated and your colour lasts for longer.
  • Each formula is enriched with organic henna extract and coconut oil to take care of your colour.  It gives your hair a radiant and warm appearance. 
  • Gentle Henna maintenance shampoos formulas enriched with henna extract respect the hair fibre and enhance your hair’s natural or coloured highlights.
  • Organic henna Hair Care Shampoos are suitable for all hair types and frequent use.

With organic henna extract are free from parabens, SLS and silicone.  They do not contain oxidants, ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), synthetic fragrances, resorcinol, or heavy metals.

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250 ml

Available Options:





  • Golden brown for  light blond, dark blonde
  • Chestnut for brown dark blond, light chestnut
  • Copper for dark blond, light chestnut, dark chestnut, brown
  • Mahogany for  dark blond, light chestnut, dark chestnut, brown, black
  • Auburn for light chestnut, dark chestnut, brown, black
  • Brown for dark chestnut, brown, black
  • Black for  dark chestnut, brown, black
  • Neutral for all natural or coloured hair  types



Brush your hair well to get rid of any deposits and impurities mechanically.


  • Wet your hair, apply a small amount of Henné Color Henna maintenance shampoo made with organic henna on the hair and carefully distribute it.
  • Lather gently.

Waiting time

Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes for the 2nd application.


Carefully rinse off with warm water then finish off with a quick cool water rinse.


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