Ladies Copper Pants

Ladies Copper Pants

These ladies shaped pants have been designed in conjunction with a leading consultant gynaecologist to fit a ladies contours and benefit from a specially designed deowear® zone.

The deowear® zone is a made up of 60% combed Cotton and 40% Copper infused yarn.

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Anti-Odour The combination of heat and sweat causes fungi and bacteria to thrive leading to a build-up of foul odour, especially if suffering from an infection

Completely Durable The copper ions are bonded on a molecular level meaning that they are permanent and will last the lifetime of the product

Softer Healthier Skin Copper is known to promote the development of blood vessels and rejuvenate skin through the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

100% Pure Natural Copper A completely safe, chemical free, environmentally friendly, non-drug and non-invasive solution to supporting healthy living.

Fresher For Longer A super-soft, breathable, moisture wicking material ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day and night.

Anti-Microbial Our tests highlighting that the copper will not support the growth of Candida, commonly known as thrush.


Small 6-8

Medium 10-23

Large 14-16


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