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Naturelle d'Orient:Argan Natural Oil 50ml

Naturelle d\'Orient:Argan Natural  Oil   50ml

This oil of a thousand virtues has always been used by Moroccan women for its restabilising , protecting and fortifying properties. They rub it on their bodies and faces to make their skin more beautiful, supple, tonic and soft.

It counters physiological drying and ageing of the skin by restoring the hydro-lipid film and by increasing the nutritive contribution to the cells.

Whatever your age may be, it’s essential to nourish and protect your skin which is constantly aggressed by external elements (sun, wind, cold) and also by the evils of modern society (stress, pollution, tobacco).



100% natural, product of organic farming.:

For the Face:

Apply a few drops of Naturelle d’Argan Oil on a perfectly clean face preferably at night.

Massage gently avoiding around the eyes.

We advise you a 28 night treatment, the cell-renewal cycle, and as soon as you feel the need (tightness due to pollution, stress, tobacco or change of seasons).

In addition to its multiple cosmetic properties, argan oil has always been used in traditional medicine for its healing properties (burns, chicken-pox) and also to ease rheumatic and articulatory pains.

50 ml




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