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Nouveaux produits pour l'hiver et Noël
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Heated Slippers

Buy our delux foot warmers, heated slippers for men and women to keep your cold feet and toes warm, improve blood circulation and ease aches and pains.

Heated Slippers


These slippers  heat up really quickly and are ideal for people working at a desk or on laptops and also people with problematic blood circulation

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Try our heated slippers to help relieve tired and sore feet, and help relaxation. The foot warmer promotes relaxation, sleep and warms cold feet victims of Raynaud's syndrome,  Raynaud's disease.

Blue slippers/microwave foot warmers in their carrying bag. Wheat seeds perfumed with lavender.

  • Very soft, easy to wear, warm and soothing.
  • Comes in a matching blue bag with handles. Good for protecting the slippers and for wearing them or packing them in your suitcase
  • Heated fur slippers will give you a long, gentle, comforting warmth with their soft fur and lavender scent.
  • One size fits all and sizes up to 41
  • Just the heat to release the natural power. These soft, comforting slippers help relieve tired feet and are the perfect way to unwind from your day. Not suitable for walking
  • 100% natural.
  • Does not contain chemicals. They simply warm up in two minutes in the microwave. They cover the feet like slippers, but are not suitable for walking.
  •  Gives comforting warmth to tired and sore bodies.
  •  Helps relieve arthritis, migraine, stress and tension.
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Applying heat soothes and relaxes sore muscles by increasing blood flow and inhibiting pain signals. So, if you had a long day and your feet are aching, heated slippers can help. They’re also great to have during the autumn and winter months when you want to warm up and get cozy.